Short Stories

Published Short Stories:

Manna and Deep Cleaning
Both stories are available in the Magic Portals anthology from Knight Writing Press.

The Fog of War
A hidden superhero must confront George Washington to get the answers he needs… Through WordFire Press and also at Amazon.

Letter From Lynchburg
Letter from Lynchburg is a missive story–it’s a letter that Charles Mercer wrote to his fiance? in 1865, about a decade before he became a major character in Sharpshooter as Captain Mercer.

First published at Drabblecast. It’s also available there as a podcast or through their usual feed.

A story in Dean Wesley Smith’s Cave Creek anthology set in the past–where strange things happen. Winston’s a down on his luck miner who finds an out-of-the-world opportunity…
You can find it through the universal link here or at Amazon here.

Deep Cleaning
A story in Dean Wesley Smith’s present era Cave Creek anthology–where strange things happen. Nothing’s more important to Molly than cleanliness and family. So when her niece gets into a big mess, it’s time to grab her supplies and get to work…
You can find it through the universal link here or at Amazon here.

This short story became the prologue in my novel Gunslinger. Calamity is available in the Swords, Sorcery, and Self-Rescuing Damsels anthology. You can find it through the universal link here.

Roanoke, Nevada
“It’s the extra-terrestrials,” the General said, watching for my reaction. “Our extra-terrestrials are falling ill.”
“Really?” I couldn’t keep the disbelief out of my voice. My eyes wandered back to the picture on the general’s wall.
He noticed. “That’s an untouched photo,” he said. “The aliens are real, and they’re here.”

First published in Digital Science Fiction First Contact
Available in Audio at Drabblecast

The Conscience Gene
What if there was a genetic test that could identify sociopaths?

First published in Perihelion, April 2013.