Sharpshooter | Status

Sharpshooter release now Feb 28

The good news is that I have almost everything I need to release Sharpshooter. The cover’s done. The interior maps are done. I have comments back from all but one of my beta readers. The bad news is that I caught a serious cold way back on January 8, and still have it as of […]

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Writing Craft Notes

Stress Tests for a Universe

I’m a regular listener to J. Daniel Sawyer’s podcast, The Every Day Novelist. Recently another listener asked about how to “stress test” an idea for a story. I provided some feedback, which Dan pointed out in a feedback episode was more about stress testing a universe than an idea. He also pointed out that many […]

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Mythic West Background

A Quick Thought on Giant Economics

As I’ve been writing Sharpshooter, I’ve had to wrestle with a bunch of questions about how the Jotun giants run their society. Specifically, what resources do they have? Food and water are fairly straightforward. They basically eat the same stuff we humans do. So they just have to eat a lot more of it. So […]

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Mythic West Background | Sharpshooter

Army of the West organization

Sharpshooter starts with Billy joining the Army of the West. This forced me to do some background research on Civil War Era army organization. Fortunately, there’s a lot of material on the web about Civil War era armies. 😉 Major General Sanborn, Commander of the Army of the West -Two Corps –Two Divisions per Corps […]

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