What’s coming up in 2021

December 27, 2020

Well, 2021 promises to be a much better year, at least for me. I just hope it keeps its promises. 😉

First, I’ll be inaugurating a regular monthly newsletter in January. I’m realizing that “just when I have something to announce” really means “only when I remember” and having a regular pattern for sending out a newsletter will both keep you readers informed, but also give me a chance to share interesting tidbits (which are likely to be mostly research from time to time).

Second, Gunslinger comes out from WordFire Press on April 7. We’re working on publicity for that, so in the lead up there will be blog posts here and other places, an appearance on a podcast, and hopefully more. If you haven’t heard the tag line: They say girls can’t be gunslingers. She’s gonna prove ’em wrong. Even if she has to fight a dragon to do it.”

I’m also going to release Scout: The Tale of Billy the Kid and the Deadwood Dwarves in spring of 2021. I’d originally hoped to have it out this month but… 2020. I don’t have a release date yet, because I’m still furiously writing.

Finally, I have a short story in the Unmasked anthology which will be released this summer. It’s titled Fog of War and is not set in my Mythic West universe. Instead, I was inspired by the idea of historical superheroes, and in this case, one who saves George Washington’s army from the defeat at Brooklyn Heights.

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