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Army of the West organization

April 11, 2018

Sharpshooter starts with Billy joining the Army of the West. This forced me to do some background research on Civil War Era army organization. Fortunately, there’s a lot of material on the web about Civil War era armies. 😉

Major General Sanborn, Commander of the Army of the West
-Two Corps
–Two Divisions per Corps
—Two Brigades Per Division
—-Three Regiments Per Division
—–One Regiment of Heavy Artillery per Division
—–One Regiment of Infantry per Division
—–One Regiment of mixed cavalry / sharpshooters depending on the Division
—–(Colonel Mosby, Commander of Mosby’s Raiders, is a Regiment commander)
——Eight Companies per Regiment.
——(Captain Mercer is the Commander of Company A, the Avenging Angels)
——-Two Platoons per Company
———Five squadrons per Platoon
———(Sergeant Freeman commands a squadron)

There are 10 men per Squadron, which means 100 per Company, 800 per Regiment, nor counting support staff and officers. That means about 2400 men in a Division, which I’ll round up to 2500 to count support staff, 5000 or so in the Corp, and about 10,000 in the Army at large.

This is light by Civil War era standards, but between the losses in the War Between the States, the Jotun War, and the plague, fighting age era men would be scarce. Furthermore, while the Army of the West would be concentrated in Fort Chicago, the humans would have had to post reasonable numbers of troops down the entire length of the Mississippi to discourage Jotun and trolls from trying to cross.

Furthermore, this organization only applies to The Army of the West. General Lee commands The Army of New England. While the two armies can communicate via messengers sent by boat across the great lakes and then across New York, they largely operate independently.

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