Sidekick out soon!

December 3, 2017

Sidekick: The Tale of Billy the Kid and the Giants of Colorado should be available mid-December. It will be available in ebook and paperback. I’m waiting on one last thing and then it’ll go into production.

Meanwhile, the teaser is:

The Jotunheim giants poured through the rift at Andersonville and annihilated both the Union and the Confederacy. Only the desperate efforts of a few heroes stopped them in the West, at the battle of Golden City, Colorado. Those heroes became legends.

So when Giant Killer Cassidy came to town, Billy McCarty swore he?d join Cassidy?s team. No longer a kid, he?d do anything to be by Cassidy?s side.

But ?anything? could carry a high price, in both blood and honor.

In the Mythic West, where gunslingers battle monsters of nightmare, Sidekick follows the epic adventure that began a hero?s rise.

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